TaeHee (Teh-Hee) Kim

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Research Associate

Email: tkim8@wisc.edu

Department: Neurological Surgery

Research Field: Neuroscience/Ischemic stroke/molecular biology

Postdoc Start Date: February 9th, 2017

Hobbies: biking/hiking/watching movies, and many more

Country of Origin: South Korea

Languages and Level of Fluency: Native Korean/Fluent English/Basic Japanese

About me: I have done my undergrad and Phd at UW-Madison. I am currently doing post-doc and will start medical school this Fall, here at UW-Madison. I know every corner of Madison. I would love to show you what made me stay in Madison for so long 🙂

Pronouns: he

We can talk about: International moves, Madison foodies, Outdoor enthusiast, Local sports, Madison nightlife